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Purchase premium features for your company listing

As an additional services to companies, HSPN offers the following options:

Company Listing
1. Bold [view example]
2. Highlight [view example]
3. Bold & Highlight [view example]

Company Page
1. Display Company logo or a photograph of the company's physical location. [view example]
2. Open text box for a company bio, a complete line card, or more information about the company or its projects. This is a place where each company can get creative. [view example]
3. Shut off third party banner advertising

To purchase any of the above options for your company listing, click here.

For those companies seeking maximum exposure, HSPN provides each company with the option to select the order in which their company is displayed when a user sorts by any one of the following variables, such as 'Make,' 'City,' 'State,' or 'Country.' If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity and have your company listing shown above the rest, send an inquiry to advertise@hspn.com